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My Torinos are not frame-off restoratons. I find nice cars and fix what needs fixing, replace missing factory parts, weld over opera windows if has them. I use the existing chrome trim since nobody makes reproduction trim for these Torinos. This makes the cars much more affordable.  After I do all the body and interior work, they get a professional 2-stage epoxy primer, sanded and then painted the correct red and white with the black pinstriping just like the TV show car. I also use vintage aluminum slot mags on all my cars unless my buyer purchases new tires and new U.S. Indy Slot Mags, then I put them on for them.
(SOLD) This is Gran Torino #40. It's a 1974 Gran Torino Sport. I bought it out of Texas where it spent it's entire life with one family. Garage kept most of it's 42 years. There was no rust on this car, the floors were perfect with original shiny paint on them, the fenders and quarter panels were also rust free and beautiful. It is a factory non-vinyl top car and also didn not have operal windows. The color was also factory 2B bright red just like I paint my cars and like the TV show cars so the paint in the door jams, in the trunk and under the hood is original. I did paint the floors in the trunk because they were very scratched up.

The original 351 Cleveland was bad, that is probably why it sat in the original owners garage for decades. I bought it from a good friend who took the dead motor out and put in an original 50,000 mile 351 cleveland out of a torino donor car. The valve guides were done and the tranny serviced and seals done. Also the brakes are all done and the fuel system with a really nice original gas tank. The rag joint was replaced and it drives very well. Very solid and tight for a 42 year old car. It has a new heater core and the air conditioning was serviced and blows cold.

Being a sport, it came with the sport guage package and sport interior. It has the very hard to find bucket seats, floor shifter with console.
It has the deluxe light package wich give it working dome light with map lights, console light, foot and passenger lights. It has the factory AM/FM radio.

My buddy whom I bought it from also owns the hero #1 Gran Torino from the Starsky & Hutch TV series and he gave me a template of the stripe and measurments.

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