Here are the other S&H Torinos I have built over the years and their buyers. You too can own the most famous car in the world.
If you are interested in buying one of my Gran Torinos contact me. I'll let you know when my next Torino is avialable.

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Phils Torino

#1 Phil in Oregon: 1976,  351W, Limited Edition
Jims Torino

#2 Jim in Texas: 1975,  351W, Replica
Guys Torino

#3 Guy in Florida: 1974,  351W, Replica
Jovans Torino

#4 Jovan in Canada: 1973 with a 76 front end,
351W, Replica
Nickies Tornio

#5 Nickie in Florida: 1974,  351W, Replica

Zekes Torino

#6 Zeke in Washington: 1976,  351W, Replica

Joes Torino

#7 Joe in Ohio: 1976,  460 4-barrel, Replica

Eddies Torino

#8 Eddie in N. Carolina: 1976,  351W, Replica
Here she is safe and sound in N. Carolina
Marks Tornio

#9 Mark in England: 1975,  400 Big Block, Replica
Here is Zebra 3 with some of Mark's other cars

Matts Tornio

#10 Matt in England: 1976,  460 4-barrel, Limited Edition
Here is Matt driving her in England!

Tonys Torino

#11 Tony in Michigan: 1974,  400 Big Block, Replica
This photo shows Tony's 2nd place win in a field of 90 cars!
Way to go Tony! He made a great car even better with all his finishing touches.

bruce & beverlys Torino

#12 Bruce & Beverely in Illinois: 1976,  351W, Replica
Marcos Torino

#13 Marco in Italy: 1974 Sport,  302, Replica

fabrices Torino

#14 Fabrice in France: 1974 Gran Torino,  302, Replica
Here it is in an American car museum in France.
Marcos 2nd Torino

#15 Marco in Italy: 1974,  400 Big Block, Replica

Villes Torino

#16 Ville in Finland: 1974,  460 4-barrel, Replica
Here it is in a car show in Finland. Looks great Ville!

Click Here to see more from that car show.

Pierces Torino

#17 Pearse in Ireland: 1975,  351W, Replica

Paolos Torino

#18 Paolo in Italy: 1974  Gran Torino,  351W, Replica
(28,000 original miles!)
Here is Paolo's Torino still in America.

Alians Torino

#19 Marco in Belgium: 1974 Gran Torino,  351W, Replica

Rogers Torino

#20 Roger in Califorina: 1975 Gran Torino, 400 c.i., Replica

Johns Torino

#21 John in Canada: 1974,  351 c.i., Replica

Josephs Torino

#22 Joseph in Spain: 1974,  351C, Replica
Taken when the car was in L.A. waiting to ship to Spain.

Phills Torino

#23 Phil in Alabama: 1976 Gran Torino, Replica
Here is Phil at the highest point in Alabama!
I love the fact Phil drives his Torino everywhere.

Marks Torino

#24 Mark in Calgary Canada: 1974,  351W, Replica
Taken the day Mark came to take his Torino home.
Stepahnes Torino

#25 Dr. Stephane in France: 1974,  351 c.i., Replica
Taken in Colmar France where Bartholdi, who built lady liberty and offered it to the American people was born.
Stephane looked at my Torinos for 2 years before choosing this super low mile beauty which was really loaded.

Wallys Torino

#26 Wally in Hollywood California: 1974,  351 c.i., Replica
chris Torino #27 in Australia

#27 Chris in Perth Australia: 1974,  351 c.i., Replica

#28 Will in New Jersey: 1974 Gran Torino,  351 c.i., Replica

Click Here to see #28 used on Revell model kit!

Davids Torino

#29 Went to Connecticut: 1974,  351 c.i., Replica

mike torino #30

#30 Mike in Seattle: 1976,  351 c.i., Replica
Here Mike and his Torino were featured at the Seattle Mariners "Turn Back The Clock" night at Safeco field in Seattle. Mike got to drive  Lenny Wilkens (1979 World Champion Seattle Super Sonics).  out onto the field. His Torino was also featured on all the event posters and magazine.
Click Here To See More...

Mike has decided to put a NEW 351 Windsor Long Block!
Click Here To See The Progress...

Guidos Torino

#31 Guido in Germany: 1974,  400 Big Block, Replica
At home in Germany

Tims Torino

#32 Tim in Illinois: 1974 Gran Torino,  302 c.i., Replica
Sals Torino

#33 Sal in Florida: 1974,  351 c.i., Replica

Torino 34

#34 Victor in Mexico 1975 Gran Torino,  351 c.i., Replica

Glens Torino #35

#35 Glen in California 1974 Gran Torino,  302 c.i., Replica

#36 Steve in 
Pennsylvania 1975 Gran Torino Sport,  400 c.i., Replica

#37 Gilles in France 1976 Gran Torino,  302 c.i., Replica

Photos of Gilles and his Torino in the Bastille day parade.

#38 Larry in Canada 1974 Gran Torino,  351W., Replica

#39 Tommy in Louisiana 1975 Gran Torino,  351M, Replica
Click Here to see more images of it in progress!

#40 Matt in Oregon 1974 Gran Torino Sport,  351C, Replica

#41 Bill in Montana 1976 Gran Torino Brougham,
400M, Replica

I'm Looking Forward To Building
More Torinos Starting Spring

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